SurveyJS Editor Licenses

For commercial using

Please read the full license agreement before using the product.
Single Developer License
Allows the Product to be used in SaaS projects, web applications, intranets, and websites.
Allows Source editing.
Allows license transfer (notification to Devsoft Baltic OÜ is required).
Get all major and minor updates during the subscription period, 12-month.
Allows using the last received update for unlimited period of time.
Get support in fair way and reasonable time.

EUR 499

one year subscription

For non-commercial using

You may use the SurveyJS Editor under a Creative Commons (CC) Attribution-NonCommercial licence if you are working on If you are a non-profit company, or use the editor for personal use.

Important Notes:

  • The license does not give you rights to resell the library "as is" or with your code modification or as a package with other libraries, thereby your Product becomes a competitor to SurveyJS Editor Product.
  • The license is not required for test and build machines/services.
  • The licence is not required for your co-workers, who does not modify or use SurveyJS Editor in their code. They are able to install the SurveyJS Editor with the purpose to compile/run your Software and be able to work on other modules and parts.
EUR 199 -one year subscription renewal.